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Custom Clearing Charges :

Air freight Export: customs clearing charges:

Upto 100 kg - Rs.3000 including pick within City
Upto 250 kgs - Rs.4000 including pick up within City
Upto 1 ton - Rs.6000 including pick within city
Upto 3 ton - Rs. 8000 including pick up within City
Additional charges : Airport authority charges as per bill + Air freight Charges

Sea exports Customs clearing Charges (LCL Shipment):

Rs.3000 upto 3 CBM of shipment Free pick up within city
Rs.4000 upto 5 CBM of shipment Free pick up within City
Rs.5000 above 5 CBM of shipment Free pick up within City
Additional charges
Concor Charges + Ocean Freight + Bill of lading fee
Ocean freight rate will be provided

FCL Exports Shipment (Customs clearance) :

FCL shipment Rs. 4000 / 20'ctr & Rs. 5000 / 40'ctr (Customs clearing shipment)
CFS Charges Rs. 1800 / 20'ctr & Rs. 2500 / 40'ctr
THC: Rs. 4160 / 20'ctr & Rs. 6226 / 40'ctr including S.Tax
Transportation CFS to Port: Rs. 2500 / 20'ctr
Additional Charges: Ocean Fright + Bill of lading Fee

FCL Exports Central Excise Clearance:

FCL shipment Rs. 2000 / 20'ctr & Rs. 3000 / 40'ctr (Central Excise clearance)
CFS Chargres : Rs. 250 / 20'ctr & Rs. 500 / 40'ctr
Transportation Charges: On Request Depend upon factory
THC THC: Rs. 4160 / 20'ctr & Rs. 6226 / 40'ctr including S.Tax
Additional Charges: Ocean Fright + Bill of lading Fee


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  • Wide Range of products
    Calculation results display duties and taxes not only for a specified HS Code, but only for wide range of related products
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