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Your Finance Partner in Global Trade

Whether you a buyer or a supplier, we provide you financing solutions based on your needs. Import or export goods, both domestically and globally

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Trade Finance Guide
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We provide all kind Of trade finance

Trade Finance Solutions

We are an end to end global trade platform for Indian SME's. From arranging export import orders to executing it, we do it all.

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We provide you with international networks and finance providers
as well as other finance services to cater your international trade
business needs.

Trade Finance Guide

Benefits of Connect2India trade finance

Why Choose Us


Improve cash flow

Trade finance ensures fewer delays in payments and in shipments allowing both importers and exporters to run their businesses and plan their cash flow more efficiently.


No Collateral required

No need to put your valuable assets in risk, we have unsecured loan that do not require any collateral.


Fast and transparent

100% paperless approval makes it fast to get finance in your account.


Reduce the Risk of Financial Hardship

With trade financing, you will never fall behind on payments and lose your key customer.

Easy access to finance

How it works

Submit documents

Fill up your business and financial details to apply for finance.

Receive fund

100% paperless approval. We pay you the amount of the inovice.


Ship the goods to the buyer without any risk.


Buyer will pay us the amount later, at our risk.

Financing Solution For Everyone

Whether you are looking to source products from overseas country or looking to export products to international buyer, we have a solution for you.


I am a supplier

Ease your cashflow by getting your invoice financed. Win more business by offering buyers deferred payment without LC.

  • No deferred payments.
  • Improve short term cash flow.
  • Reduce risk of non payment
  • Boost business competitiveness
  • No collateral, low costs, high advance rate
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I am a buyer

Work with any supplier with deferred payments and pay after shipment.

  • Prevent cash flow problems
  • Increase gross profits
  • Provide convenient repayment terms
  • Mitigate risk
  • Paperless approval and fund disbursal
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We empower Indian SME's to trade internationally

Are you facing non payment issues? or having less cashflow? break free from the risks by partnering with Connect2India as your global trade finance partner. Get collateral free loans with flexible repayment options. All these in a very few simple steps.

  • check_circle_outlineLow interest rates
  • check_circle_outlineFlexible repayments
  • check_circle_outlineCollateral free lending
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Open account is a method of payment within the trade finance. It is a method in which the goods are shipped and delivered before payment is made, which in global sales is in 30, 60 or 90 days. This can be considered as one of the most advantageous options for the importer in terms of cash flow and cost, but meanwhile it is highest risk options to an exporter. So it is better that more attention must be given while offering open account terms and the exporter must seek extra protection using export credit insurance. Open account payment in international trade is not preferred by many customers as there is involvement of more risks.

There exists high importance of trade finance as this is the only way to enhance the global trade and facilitate importer and exporter in their business

  • Trade Finance allows you to handle your business transactions quickly and efficiently.
  • It is flexible and simple to use - monitoring of each individual transaction from start to finish is possible and you can always enquire about previous transactions
  • It covers and helps you to deal with the risks present within the international trade which includes legal risks, political risks, marketing and financial risks.
  • Easy cash flow management
  • It leads to more efficient allocation of resources and lower cost per unit
  • Helps to widen the range of choice of commodities
  • Helps the company to grow and increase trade

With this payment method, supplier can avoid credit risk as payment is received before the goods are transferred. In this most commonly used options are wire transfers and credit cards. From recent times escrow services are also becoming another option for small export transactions. Moreover it is termed as the least attractive option for the buyer as unfavourable cash flow is generated by this. Importers are also concerned that the products may not be sent if payment is made in advance.