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Support for Farmers and Ranchers

Our Farm Viability team supports small and mid-sized farms and ranches in Central Texas so they can thrive.

Why We Support Small and Mid-Sized Farms

Small and mid-sized farms protect:

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Our Food Supply

Small and mid-sized farms can help protect regional food security. They grow a diverse variety of crops making them flexible to market shifts and more resilient to climate events.

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Our Environment

Small and mid-sized farms are leaders in regenerative agriculture practices. These farms protect our soil and biodiversity and avoid use of harmful chemicals that pollute our land.

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Our Local Economy

Small and mid-sized farms provide jobs and pay proportionally more for farm laborers, maintaining rural populations. They buy and sell in their local economy which supports other local businesses.

Learn More About Our Work

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Farmer Support Services

We assist Central Texas farmers and ranchers in our network to help them achieve their business and regenerative farming goals.

Lightsey Farms Texas Peaches

Local Supply Chain

We grow connections between Texas growers and buyers so more local, sustainable food can be sold in schools, institutions, and retail markets.

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SFC Farmers' Markets

Located in Downtown Austin and in Sunset Valley, our markets are a space where local food producers and artisans can connect directly to local individuals and families.

Past Accomplishments:

Learn more about the previous programs and initiatives we have accomplished in the past.