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Katherine in Field

“Sustainability is a way of life for us and many small farms. We want to ensure the future of our farm and the ability to grow food (in other words sustain it)…

Farming is hard work, especially when you farm largely by hand like we do. We don’t grow on a large enough scale to bring giant harvesters in to mechanize our process like large scale commercial farms do. When you buy something from us, it was planted by hand, weeded by hand, harvest by hand, washed by hand, packed by hand, and displayed at the market by hand…

SFC is our consistently top-performing market and very much the reason our farm can exist the way it does today.”

Katherine Tanner, Hat and Heart Farm


“I really like the approach of La Cocina Alegre® because you can enjoy healthy options without having to sacrifice flavors and textures. When the class taught us how to combine ingredients in a way that is nutritious and delicious, I saw the class have a shift of perspective on how they viewed healthy foods…

I found a connection between health, exercise, and food access. After that, it was not difficult for me to envision that if I want to help my community I need to be able to plant that seed in other people. I am able to connect people with different resources and SFC offers programs to grow your own food, cook nutritious meals and provides [Double Up Food Bucks], a project that encourage families to go to farmers’ markets and farm stands and get local fresh food.”

Maria Tello, Happy Kitchen Facilitator


“This program has literally been a lifesaver for us. When we can come home with twice as much healthy food, and know we’ll be putting nutritious, home-cooked meals on the table—that’s the best feeling in the world.” – Marquel, Double Up Food Bucks participant

“On one occasion at the farmers' market, a little girl was so excited about the produce. As soon as her Mom received the WIC produce box the girl began to ask her mother for the name of each vegetable and to smell and see colors and shapes. That moment of sharing touched my soul.” - Yolanda, SFC Farmers’ Market Associate

“I am very grateful for the [Double Up Food Bucks] program. It helps me extend what little resources I have for food and makes it possible to get more fresh fruits and vegetables. Thank you so very much for this program, you are helping so many families!” – Double Up Food Bucks participant

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